...And The Skateboarder Of The Year 2018 Is...

Keet Oldenbeuving

Before we are announcing our Athlete of the Year 2018, we will show you the athletes who accelerated in their own sport or in a group of sports like being the best action sport athlete on a Bike, Water, Ski's or Snowboard.

We start with skateboarding and the rider of the year 2018 is Keet Oldenbeuving from the Netherlands. Keet became no.8 on the 'Athlete of the Year 2018' list and had the best results of all female skateboarders in the world.

keet oldenbeuving
Keet Oldenbeuving

Last year we wrote an article about 4 young talented athletes you had to watch for and Keet was one of these ladies.

In 2018, thirteen-year-old Keet became one of the youngest winners of the legendary World Cups, Far'n High in Paris and the Mystic Skate Cup in Prague (She became 14 in September). Winning Four World Cups, one silver and 1 bronze medal, Keet can be proud of her 2018 season. Keet ended No.1 on the World Skateboard Ranking list as well.

Keet oldenbeuving
Keet Oldenbeuving @ Mystic Skate Cup

Making huge progression towards the top riders in the world in 2018, we can't wait to see Keet in this 2019 Pre-Olympic-Season. Every week she is training hard to become a better rider, so who knows which new tricks she will have for us this season. (We have a feeling we will see more flips on and of the Rails & Boxes).

Keet Oldenbeuving  ©Gustavo.mm05


Big Congrats to Keet Oldenbeuving!