...And The World Champion Is?

This weekend the BMX Parkl World Championships were held in Shengdu, China. Ladies from all over the world came or were already there because of the previous FISE World Cup. As Lara Lessmann won the FISE titel last weekend and Hannah Roberts winning a second place and the overall World Cup title, these ladies we expected to win this title, but...

There was this girl from Reno(USA) who grabbed the gold and is named World Champion for a whole year.

Perris Benegas won the gold medal by scoring a 93.00 on her final run.


© michalcervenyphoto


“I can’t believe it. I’m just feeding off of everyone’s energy,” Benegas said after her winning run.

Angie Marino's top score was 87.8 and Hannah Roberts scored 86.3 completing the top 3 podium.