Aori Nishimura WORLD CHAMPION!

Finally we had a more realistic tournament where girls around the world could show they belong at the World Championship Skateboarding. For years it was an inviting party, which was kind of strange if you shout you are the World Championships, but this year we could also see the girls who are riding at the World Cups showing their skills. 

We were surprised that they called it the 2018 World Championship while we are already in 2019, which other sport does that?

With four Brazilian riders in the final, the home crowd filled the stadium and were ready to see a yellow victory and in special from Leticia Bufoni who was eager to win that title in her birth country. 

The riders have two runs which will be add up and ending with five best tricks tries in which the best two tricks will be added to the first two heats.

The first heat, Bufoni came out on top-seat close followed by Baker, Duran and Nishimura in that order.

In the second heat Nishimura took over the top-seat from Bufoni with a huge score. Baker and Bufoni following close on a shared second place.

The Best trick concept had to determine who will be the World Champion of 2018 in 2019.

Please watch the end of the final at 1:19:16...

Aori Nishimura


Congrats Aori, a well deserved victory!