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Chloe Kim lead off her first run with a boosted backside air, into an even bigger frontside 1080 tail, then a cab 900 melon, then a switch backside 540 Weddle with an uncharacteristic wobble in the awkward axis, which she was then able to recover from quickly and launch a cab 1080 melon on her last hit for a score of 90.25.

Chloe Kim ©Ruggli/FIS

Just as we saw last season in Laax, second place behind Kim was Japan’s Mitsuki Ono, as the talented 17-year-old put down what was likely the best run of her career, leading things off with a frontside 900 tail grab and throwing her own cab 1080 with a Stalefish grab on her second-to-last hit for a score of 89.00 and her third career World Cup podium.

Mitsuki Ono ©Ruggli/FIS

Third place for the women would go to Spain’s Queralt Castellet - her fourth World Cup career podium in Laax. Riding with her typical hard-charging style, Castellet scored an 80.00 for a run that included an ultra-stylish cab 720 with a taipan grab and backside 900 Weddle to frontside 900 melon combo to close things out.

Queralt Castellet ©Ruggli/Fis