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The action-packed weekend wrapped with the Ski Slopestyle Women’s Final, featuring the talents of new faces and accomplished veterans. As the snow continued to fall, the onus was again placed on the rail garden as another vote by the athletes and Dew Tour organizers were made to transition the Women’s Ski Slopestyle competition into a best-of-three, rails-only format. 


The race was on between 2018 Winter Olympic silver medalist Mathilde Gremaud, Johanne Killi and Maggie Voisin who took full advantage of what the course had to offer, showcasing new and difficult tricks and big spins in both directions and variation. Coming off her Streetstyle win last night, Killi was one of the main competitors to watch with her skills on the rails. However, though she took the lead in Run 1, it was Gremaud (SUI) who upped the ante with a higher level of technicality executed with style to leapfrog over Johanne Killi, securing her spot on top of the podium. What set her apart was her ability to stay on the rail longer than anyone else and pack in difficult back-to-back spins in both directions. Her second and winning run included a smooth k-fed, 270 on and 270 off, switch 270 onto the butter pad and frontside 450. After Maggie Voisin and Johanne Killi were unable to improve on their scores in their last attempt, Mathilde Gremaud was able to take a glory lap all the way to the bottom of the hill. 


“This means a lot to me. It was disappointing to not be able to use the whole course but it was still so fun to ride. I’m super happy. We can’t enjoy the jumps but all this snow is still cool,” said Mathilde Gremaud who turned 20 years old yesterday. “It’s a great birthday present to win and I had such a fun day yesterday with beautiful weather, the event and friends.”


Thumb: © Sklar/Dew Tour

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Women’s Ski Slopestyle Final Results

1.) Mathilde Gremaud – 94.66
2.) Johanne Killi – 93.33
3.) Maggie Voisin – 89.33
4.) Guilia Tanno – 87.00
5.) Megan Oldham – 83.33
6.) Margaux Hackett – 78.33
7.) Isabel Atkin – 63.33
8.) Caroline Claire – 43.00

© Kanights/Dew Tour