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Pro team surfers Courtney Conlogue and Coco Ho and their good friend Molly Payne met up in Maui for a perfect day of surfing – proving that competition takes second place to friendship.

In the OUT/IN series finale, three talented surfers come together to take over the waves in Hawaii, the birthplace of their sport. At the beginning, surfing wasn’t about titles or trophies – it was a part of the local culture. The sport and skill level on display has evolved over the decades, but the fact that it brings like-minded nature-lovers and daredevils together remains the same.

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Every day, Courtney and Coco train for competition. But even on a day off with Molly, a Maui local, they still grab their boards and rip. It’s obvious that they’re doing what they love with their favorite people, and this zest for life is what Swatch is all about.

“Life is definitely better sharing experiences with friends,” Molly says.

Rejuvenated by being outside and on the water, Courtney says that surfing makes it possible to ground yourself with nature. With the beautiful Hawaiian backdrops and clear blue ocean, Maui is a picture-perfect paradise that makes connecting with Mother Nature almost inevitable.

Beyond that, the greatest motivation comes from each other – seeing their friends get a good wave or getting barreled in front of surfing companions.

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“I just get so stoked when I see someone else rip!” says Courtney. “As long as you have great company, that’s what it’s all about.”

“Seeing your friend get a good one is motivating because it makes you want to go out and get a good one too,” Coco says.

There’s more to life than winning. Throughout the OUT/IN series, our surfers have invited us into their lives and talked about their habits, families, philosophies and inspiration. Though their paths to victory may be different, they have their positivity and passion in common and it’s clear that their love for the sport is greater than their love for the space on top of the podium. And when your competitors also happen to be your friends, it makes the whole experience that much sweeter.

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