Interview with artist Corinne Seguin

By Margaux Gazel


Adventurer, skateboard lover, young female artist and much more.


Hi Corinne!


In three words, how would you describe yourself?





Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and your professional career as a designer?

My name is Corinne Séguin. I’m from Andrésy a pretty small town in the West Parisian suburbs. I’m a multidisciplinary designer and skateboarder. It’s been 9 years I evolved as a graphic designer. So far I’ve worked as a in-house temporary worker. I started my own designer business in 2013, co2designs, so I could create officially as a freelancer. In 2014 I created with two other friends a Parisian women skateboard organization called Realaxe. I realize all the design for it. I started exhibiting my artwork back in 2007 in Chicago. Since my work have been showed in Paris (FR), Dekalb IL (USA), New York  NY (USA), recently in James Town Accra (GHANA) and this last end of October in Berlin (DE).





What was your childhood dream?

Be more than a gymnast, be an athlete. One of my team member and I got selected to go pass the test for sport-study program but we didn’t get chosen. Then studies got in the way I couldn’t practice as much neither attend the all weekend long competitions so I decided to move on.


"I dropped the fear and the misconception I had and went for the experience."


What is the craziest thing you have ever done as a designer?

Getting involved in a project to realize a Flash animated web banner at the company I were working for at the time. They didn’t mention me I were in charge of not only finding the concept and sketching it but also realizing it. I misunderstood we would work on it with our external animator. I had to self-taught last minute the coding needed and find my own mistake within the code to make it happened to work. I took this challenge as a learning experience, end up having fun and the company got happy with the result. It was worth the freaking out moment.

Painting with another artist a small outdoor skatepark downtown Paris without authorization. This place is like a skateboarder home so I was confident no one would bother stopping the art making. It was amazing to see how people stopped to look at this place they usually don’t really pay attention to. They were taking photos, some ask us questions and complimented us. It felt like the skateboarders had a new skatepark they got all crazy skateboarding. We also got interviewed by a reporter, Stéphane Mercurio who happened to work on small documentary episodes called “Les Parisiens d’août” (Parisian in August). It got showed on the web and on our local TV France 3.





When you are not designing, what are you doing?

I’m going on adventures in the discovery of new things. I love to bike, skateboard, go get lost in nature, read, take photos, meet with friends, go to museums, dance, practice yoga and recently making little videos.


What are your projects (professional and/or personal) for this year?

I just went over to Berlin to participate to a charity event called Wheel2Wall in which I exhibited a board, live painted. I’m grateful the artist Mario Cairo got me involved into this. I’d love to participate and/or organize more of these. I have a few collaborations on the go and looking forward for more. I’ve been working on a personal art project this whole year. The next step would be to bring it to the next level and share it further. Travelling at any occasion and living the most experiences I can is always around the corner.





In life, what inspires you the most?

Life itself with all its experiences. Nature, people, travelling, skateboarding.





Who is your favorite designer?

Lella and Massimo Vignelli is a designer couple I greatly admire.


Do you believe in karma?

Isn’t it illusory to believe if we do good will be happy or good things will happen to us and the contrary if we do bad?

Believing in Karma is like living a fatal, predestine and determined life. It is living a life with fears looking for rewards or punishments and having expectations. Wishing karma back to someone or for yourself is a mean for seeking revenge and restricting your life to actions.

A lot of bad people are out there without getting bad in return they get it all good and they’re still doing their thing. It makes this “law” or “concept” not valable.

If karma is the doctrine defined as I mentioned above I would ask if conditioning life to actions lead to freedom and happiness?


Where is your favorite place on earth?



"Listen to some ocean or rainforest music and breath without thinking"


Do you like something that most other people don’t?

Knowing how to be alone. I feel that a lot of people are afraid of that. They find ways to fulfill their emptiness with others or things.


What would you do if you found out you were immortal?

It wouldn’t change for me. I would just keep living the present.


What is your favorite word?





Is there something you would’ve bet to never do and ended up doing anyway?

Going to New York. Back in junior high I rode a text in English in which the NY author was depicting the city and its people. It didn’t sound so good to me but still quite recently for one specific reason I end up planning on going for just a few months, leaving and without plan returning, staying and experiencing living there for a bit over a year. I dropped the fear and the misconception I had and went for the experience.


Do you have a secret tips to relax and keep your self-control?

Breath and do your best to think twice before getting to a point you could loose self-control. To relax,  take a moment outside if you’re not, close your eyes, sit or lay on the ground listening to nature or if inside, light up scented candles, listen to some ocean or rainforest music and breath without thinking.





Is there a ‘mantra’ or saying you want to share with us?

"Be an explorer"! Happiness comes within. And give it a real smile!


Find Corinne online:

Instagram: @corinneseguinart

Facebook: @corinnseguinart

Twitter: @CorinneSegArt

Tumblr: corinneseguinart

Vimeo: corinneseguinart