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It was evident after the first run that it would be the veterans who would sweep the podium, including 2018 Winter Olympic silver medalist Jiayu Liu, who quickly ran away with the lead with a score of 87.66 in the first run. Though she temporarily relinquished her position to Maddie Mastro, she quickly regained the lead in Run 2 with a score of 92.00, which remained the highest of the competition to seal the win.

“I talked to my coach and said I’m going to do tricks I don’t normally do. Have speed, go fast, go big but not go home. That’s all you want to do. The features in the modified pipe make it more exciting. All different runs, all different tricks. That’s what the Dew Tour is for. Dew Tour means a lot to me. It is the future of riding with direction on where to go (with events),” said an elated Liu. 

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Women’s Snowboard Toyota Modified Superpipe Results

1.) Jiayu Liu, 92.00

2.) Maddie Mastro, 90.00

3.) Queralt Castellet, 81.66

4.) Zoe Kalapos, 80.00

5.) Brooke D’Hondt, 75.00

6.) Haruna Matsumoto, 72.33

7.) Sonny Alba, 70.66

8.) Summer Fenton, 31.00

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