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After shocking the world with one of, if not the deepest barrel ever made at the Surf Ranch a few weeks ago, French surfer Johanne Defay reiterated the feat this time on a Hossegor bomb. The Reunion Island surfer completely disappeared from view on a frothy right, rode the foam ball and exited cleanly to post an incredible 9 point ride. She quickly backed it up with a solid 7.00 on backhand turns to eliminate Brisa Hennessy (HAW) and move into the Quarters.

“I’m so stoked it was super tricky out there and it’s definitely the best barrel I’ve gotten at La Graviere,” said Defay. “It’s awesome to do it in these conditions and I guess I got some good practice at the Ranch! I feel really supported and I love the crowds here, but I have my little place away from the beach and I’m able to get some good rest so it’s perfect.”