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After qualifying in fourth place, Johanne Killi came out of the gate hot with her first jump, stomping a left 900 proper tail with her first hit to jump into an early lead. She kept things going with her second jump, a switch double cork 1080 Japan, keeping the lead with a two-jump score of 179.00 and giving herself the honors of the final jump of the day with the reshuffled order for run three.

With the pressure on, the rest of the ladies’ field struggled a little bit through their final runs. Dropping second to last, Giulia Tanno had the best shot at bettering Killi, but dragged a hand on her landing and was forced to settle for second. With no one taking away her lead, Killi was allowed a victory lap, riding away with the women’s win at the first Air + Style Freeski big air World Cup competition. 

“It feels unbelievable,” a smiling Killi said from the finish area, “I feel like I haven’t been on the podium in so long, always having a tough time in finals, but I’m just really happy to be here and land my tricks. It’s really cool to try out the new Olympic venue. It’s one of the best jumps I’ve ever hit and for sure the best city big air.”

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Tanno stomped a left double 1080 safety and a switch left 900 tail to earn a two-jump score of 155.25 and her second-straight runner-up result of the season, after also taking second at the first World Cup competition of 2019/20 in Modena (ITA). Tanno now sits on top of the women’s big air World Cup standings.

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Third place went to Silvia Bertagna of Italy, who kept things safe on her final hit with a switch left 540 mute after dropping a massive left corked 720 with a ripped mute grab on her second hit of the evening. A score of 150.75 would give her her first big air podium since the 2017/18 season

Women’s trick list:

Killi - left 900 tail proper, switch double 1080 Japan

Tanno - left double 1080 safety, switch left 900 tail 

Bertagna - switch left 540 mute, left corked 720 ripped mute