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Julia Marino

Julia Marino took the win last season on the same metropolitan venue here in Quebec, where the giant scaffold ramp is sandwiched between two highway overpasses just minutes from the city’s old town.

Putting down a silky smooth cab double underflip 900 and stylish backside 720 melon, Julia Marino’s best two jumps earned her a combined score of 162.25 for the win.

“It feels good,” Julia Marino said from the finish area, “It always feels good to come out doing you best and landing your tricks, especially at night with all the crowd watching. It’s cool to land your stuff in front of such a big crowd. The jump was really good, too. Just all-around it was a really good competition.”

Julia Marino

Laurie Blouin

Second place in Quebec City for the second season in a row went to Canadian rider Laurie Blouin, who also put down her version of the cab double 900, but had a bit of a shaky landing on her frontside 720, which may have cost her the top spot, and she finished with a score of 157.50.

Klaudia Medlova

Klaudia Medlova, finished the season the way she started it way back in August at Cardrona , taking third place on the day with a score of 122.50.

As mentioned, Iwabuchi took top spot on the final season rankings, with her teammate Miyabi Onitsuka finishing the season in second after a tiebreak with Iwabuchi. Third place and the bronze medal for the season would go to Klaudia Medlova.