Ksenia Maricheva | First Russian Skater Who Won The Mystic Skate Cup | 2019

© @mimithephotographer

Every sport has its legendary race/contest which an athlete dreams to win someday in her/his life. In Surfing, you have 'The Bells' and in SKateboarding there is the Mystic Skate Cup which had it's 25-year anniversary this year.

Evelien Bouilliart,  Leticia Bufoni, Alexis Sablone, Candy Jacobs and last year winner, Keet Oldenbeuving are a few names who won the biggest skate contest in the world. It is sad to see that the big names of skateboarding are passing this amazing event, why? 

If I was an athlete I would be honored to ride the Mystical Skate grounds of the Island Stvanice. This skate festival must be #1 on your skateboard bucket list as an athlete or as a skateboarder in general. X-Games Tour, SLS and Dew you can compare, the Mystic Skate Cup stands on its own.

This year, athletes came from all over the world, some names we already have seen and as every year a lot of new young talents who are starting to ride the World Cup Tour. To mention some countries who were presented were Argentina, Israel, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and yes you saw her name already in this article, Evelien Boulliart, ex-winner of the Mystic Skate Cup found her way back to the Stvanice Island.

Qualifications started on Saturday with an introduction run and a jam. Eight women could win a spot in the final on Sunday. 

Sunday Final day, the top three seated, Keet Oldenbeuving (NL), Ksenia Maricheva (RUS) and Jenny Kralikova (SLK). During practice, Jenny fell over a hip and dislocated her shoulder. She got her shoulder straight again quickly but still, it was waiting for if she would ride the final. 

The final was divided into two heats and the ladies had their runs and 5 best trick attempts, three of them counted for the end result. 

The good news came when we saw Jenny at the start and riding her runs and tricks as it looked liked she didn't have any pain. With her painful injury, she managed to become 4th this contest. Huge respect from us and everybody at the contest we hope to see her soon somewhere at a skate cup. 

Last year winner Keet Oldenbeuving only landed two good tricks so she was missing one trick for her extra points. Ksenia Maricheva and Jeromine Louvet had to step up and beat the 2018 winner with perfect runs and landing all best tricks to reach for the gold.

Both first-timers did an amazing job and making the crowd cheer as hard as they could it was Ksenia who grabbed the Gold, Jeromine Silver and Keet Bronze.

Ksenia could not believe she won the Mystic Cup and with a hand, before her mouth she accepted her award.

It was an amazing contest this ear again and we will sone drop our edit and interview with Ksenia.



Jeromine & Ksenia © @mimithephotographer
Keet © @mimithephotographer