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Hello, with whom do we have the pleasure?

Hello, my name is Ksenia Marecheva and I am from the beautiful city of Moscow, Russia. A city with a lot of great skate spots. I am following my study at the Olympic-Reserve-School which supports distance education. It allows me to combine school and skateboarding on a professional level.

When did you start skating?

I have a skatepark near my home and for years I saw people skateboard, I really loved to watch these people skate. Because of this, I started skateboarding.

Which skaters are you inspired by?

I get inspired by girls who have a beautiful skate style and show difficult tricks like, Jennifer Soto and Mariah Duran.

What are your dreams in skateboarding?

Right now, my dream is to qualify for the Olympic Games 2020 and then to shoot more street videos.

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We met you again at the Mystic Skate Cup 2019, with what idea did you travel to the World-Cup?

My friend Igor Golubev advised me to compete at the Mystic Cup to experience the real skateboard life and that they have a great prize purse for the skaters.

You qualified second into the final, did you skate different and harder tricks in the final?

I slightly changed one trick as I was scared to make mistakes. In the final, I stomped a front Feeble on a higher rail.

When you heard your name as the winner of the biggest skateboard contest in the World, what did you feel?

It was unbelievable and I didn't realize it at first. Before the Mystic Skate Cup, I never won a contest before, so I was extremely happy winning this contest.

How was your whole weekend, what did you do besides skateboarding at the contest?

My friends and I went to Stalin Plaza but I was too tired to skate so I watched the other skaters, Stalin Plaza is a really cool spot. We also walked around in the city center of Prague to see the city. Prague is a beautiful city.

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What is your favorite trick?

A Railslide, I really enjoy the feeling of it.

Which tricks are you trying to learn at this moment?

At the moment I am not focussing on tricks in special. I am training my self on cruizing in the park. I need to get better at that as it is so important for contests.

Where will we see you ride the rest of the season?

I will travel to every contest where I can win qualifying points for the Olympic Games.

What is your final impression of the Mystic Skate Cup?

I liked it very much as there was a very cool atmosphere. I enjoyed the skatepark en Bowl very much as they were great, we don't have such in Russia.