Lara Lessmann wins the FWS Chengdu 2018 BMX Freestyle

FWS CHENGDU 2018: UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Final Women

FISE had the last tour stop for 2018 past weekend and as last year it took place in Chengdu, China. The best of the best BMX freestyle ladies presented themselves at the start as there were two prices to be given, the winner of the contest and the overall winner of the four stops FISE had this season.


At the first stop in Hiroshima Hannah Roberts from the USA took first place. The second stop in Montpellier, the gold was for Japanese rider Minato Oike. Hannah Roberts took control again in the third stop in Edmonton. Not seeing in the champions so far is Lara Lessmann from Germany.


Lara had one 2nd place and two 3rd places in the past events. Hannah Roberts had a 4th place in Montpellier so Lara was close to Hannah in the overall list and had a big chance to win the overall title as well.


Lara Lessmann won the Chengdu event and in her own words 

" I can't describe how I feel I am so stoked"

Lara Lessmann
©FISE, Lara Lessmann


Hannah Roberts won silver in China which means she won the overall title for the 3rd time in a row. 

Hannah ROberts
©FISE, Hannah Roberts


In 3rd place was Nikita Duccarroz who rides for team Switzerland. She produced a really slick run, flowing round the course and stacking up the tricks. She managed to land a great 540 which is becoming a signature trick for her .



We can say that BMX freestyle is in the lift with the upcoming Olympics and the support FISE is giving these ladies with their professional platform. The ladies their level is growing and we see more riding the contests. As we look at the BMX race ladies and their World Cup season we know the Freestyle ladies will have a bright future ahead.


Congrats ladies with your great season and prices!