You could say that Fukada has some World Cup experience, as she took part in training for the Edmonton Style Experience big air World Cup last week. However, the young rider elected to pull out of that competition when she couldn’t dial her speed in on the imposing scaffold jump and was removed from the start list well before the start of the event, meaning that Saturday’s finals in Copper will go down as her first official World Cup start.

Fukada showed no signs of nerves on such a momentous occasion, making a statement on her first run of the competition with a massive switch backside 900 Weddle, before putting down a squeaky-clean frontside double Underflip 900 on her third and final run to earn a two-run combined score of 155.75 - setting her up with a lead that would not be beaten.

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Mari Fukada

Second place with a score of 151.50 went to the USA’s own Hailey Langland, as the 22-year-old earned her first big air World Cup podium in just over six years. Langland kicked things off with one of the highlight tricks of the day - a huge cab 1080 Indy - before wisely putting down a safety trick frontside 720 melon on run two.

Hailey Langland tried to up her second trick to a frontside 1080 melon on run three and had she stomped it there’s no doubt she would have ended up in first. Instead, however, she slammed heavily, and would instead have to settle for some bruises and second place.

Rounding out the podium in third place was Fukada’s Japanese teammate Miyabi Onitsuka, as the 24-year-old grabbed her first big air podium in almost exactly three years with a two-jump combo of a frontside 1080 Weddle and a cab double Underflip 900 Weddle for a score of 149.75.