The snowboard season could not finish better than with a major banger as the Redbull Rail Yard contest in Kühtai last weekend. With a good mix of amateur, professional snowboarders, and even an Olympic Champion in the ranks the contest started in a 3-day blizzard last Thursday.

All ladies went straight to the Half Final on Saturday morning where they had to compete for a spot in the knockout phase (1 on 1)  later that day.

Alexis Roland (USA) qualified in first place with the highest score in the morning meaning she would be battling the number 8. Alexis was holding that first place till the Half Final when Mia Brookes defeated her in a close battle.


Alexis Roland © Girlifornia

Mia Brookes had a strong day and showed her class and style during every battle. The close call against Alexis Roland showed how high the level was and the ladies had to show all the best tricks they know. 

Mia Brookes © Girlifornia

The other Half Final went between Olympic Champion (BA) Anna Gasser (AUT) and Germany's best Annika Morgan. A real neighbour clash of two ladies who know what is to ride these high and big rails. The two ladies pushed each other to the max as for both it was not a walk in the park. 

Annika Morgan © Girlifornia

It was the more experienced Anna Gasser who won the battle by throwing higher-level tricks into her runs. 

Anna Gasser © Girlifornia

The big final was there, a battle between Top rider Anna Gasser against the upcoming talent from the UK, Mia Brookes. After the Half Final, Anna Gasser knew she could not make any mistake against Mia Brookes. Mia had such a solid day, landing all her tricks and in style being at the top of the ranking all day.

The two ladies gave it all and both did not make any mistakes in their runs. It was youngster Mia Brookes who grabbed the Golden Medal at the Redbull Rail Yard 2022.

Mia Brookes © Mia Brookes

1. Mia Brookes

2. Anna Gasser

3. Alexis Roland