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The street format returned to full for the final, with overall points combining the best four scores between two, 45-second runs and five individual best tricks.

First up were the complete runs, which were dominated by two Brazilian women in particular. Numbered one and two in the World Skate rankings, 21-year-old Pamela Rosa and 13-year-old Rayssa Leal stomped both of their runs.

Pamela Rosa © Durso

Leal landed a frontside feeble grind on the Tik Tok double set handrail, a big backside lipslide, and a perfect backside 5-0 down the 11-stair Hubba.

Rosa went big and gapped out to a backside 50-50, then bumped up to back-lip, before a frontside boardslide on the Tik Tok double set handrail. She finished up with a big frontside lipslide on the A-frame rail before landing a crooked grind on the 11-stair Hubba to finish.

Rayssa Leal © Durso

As the event transitioned to the individual best trick portion, things to a few turns but it was still the top two World Skate ranked that reigned supreme. Still, all the women went big.

To disrupt an all-Brazilian podium, Roos Zwetsloot from the Netherlands wowed the judges with a frontside nosegrind down the 11-stair Hubba.

Roos Zwetsloot © Durso

The biggest and best tricks, though, came from Leal and Rosa. Leal laid down a frontside bluntslide, nose grind and kickflip to front board on the 7-stair handrail plus a backside smith grind the 11-stair hubba.

“I’m so happy to be here, thank you so much Dew Tour,” said Rosa, still on the street course. “The girls out here today, killed it.”