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Riding strong and fast, with good amplitude throughout her run, Castellet seperated herself from the pack early in the day with a first-run score of 87.75 that would not be caught as weather conditions worsened through the afternoon. 

"Today was hard, so I believe my experience paid off well," Castellet said from the finish area, "We knew the weather was coming in and there was already a bit of snow in the halfpipe when we started, so I decided to go with a strong run from the beginning instead of just doing a safe run to start out, and that paid off well. The weather really came in hard after that and my run held up, so I'm stoked."

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U.S. Snowboard Pro Team member Maddie Mastro landed her third-consecutive podium appearance at Copper Mountain, Colo., Saturday at the Land Rover U.S. Grand Prix. She persevered through difficult weather conditions, which hindered speed in the beautifully built 22-foot superpipe. 

“It’s always nice being back here it Copper,” said Maddie. “The pipe is always dialed. Today the weather was challenging, but somehow when I compete at Copper, I find a way to put everything together. I’m stoked to be on the podium."

Prior to Maddie’s final run, there was a surge of high winds complete with the heaviest snowfall of the day. It was almost as if mother nature was sending a message reminding everyone in the venue that snowboarding is an outdoor sport.

“Watching the wind and snow roll in at the most inopportune time possible was definitely a lot to handle,” she commented. “I just tried my best to stay in the right mindset, so when the weather did clear I could do my best to put down a run. I had a run that I wanted to put down, but mother nature was a little angry at me.”

Unfortunately, the fresh snow in the pipe accumulated to the point where speed was difficult to find, so Maddie’s run and the remaining men’s runs were conservative.

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Jiayu Liu of China finished in second place on the day, taking advantage of decent weather to put down a solid run one that earned her a score of 80.00 and her career's 19th podium.