Reira Iwabuchi Is still the Regina At The Modena Skipass Big Air | 2019

Reira Iwabuchi

Reira Iwabuchi won here in Modena last season on her way to claiming the 2018/19 big air crystal globe, and on Saturday the 17-year-old picked up right where she left off last season. After cruising through qualifications in the top spot, Reira Iwabuchi stomping a double Underflip 900 indy and switch backside double cork 1080 mute with her first two hits of the finals to give herself a combined score of 176.50, putting her nearly 50 points ahead of her nearest competitor by night’s end.

With Saturday’s win, Reira Iwabuchi now has victories in four of 12 career World Cup starts and six podiums total, and now moves into top spot on the 2019/20 World Cup leaderboard with 1,400 points.

“It’s was really good conditions for me tonight. I’m happy to be back in first place here Italy, and I’m super happy to land two doubles in the competition.”

Reira Iwabuchi (JPN) 

Anna Gasser

Runner-up would be Brooke Voigt (CAN), who claimed second with a strategic performance that saw her put down backside and frontside 720s for a score of 126.75 for the first of three Canadian podiums on the night. Voigt would be the only other women’s rider to stomp two clean tricks on the evening, and she would be rewarded with her the seventh podium of her World Cup career.

“I had a really, really rough practice. I think because of the rain the ruts (on the run-in) were magnified and made it challenging. Tonight was little nerve-wracking, but it was fun.”

Brooke Voigt (CAN)

Brooke Voigt

Third place went to pre-competition favorite Anna Gasser (CAN), who found herself in the lead after a massive first-hit double underflip, but who couldn’t quite put her tricks down clean in her second and third attempts and ended up with a score of 109.75. Still, it was a solid return to World Cup competition for the 28-year-old Austrian after she missed most of last season with a fractured ankle.

“It started off really well tonight, but unfortunately I caught an edge on my second jump - which I haven’t done in years - and that scared me a little bit. Unfortunately, I couldn’t put down a clean second trick after that, but I’m happy that my first score was big enough to still get me onto the podium.

Anna Gasser (AUT)