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Sally Fitzgibbons earned her 12th CT victory today after defeating Johanne Defay in the Final. The win now puts Fitzgibbons up to the World #2 rankings, behind Carissa Moore. En route to the Final, Sally Fitzgibbons eliminated two-time WSL Champion Tyler Wright in the Semifinals. 

“It feels so good to be back in the winner’s circle,” Fitzgibbons said. “I set a goal to be in the Final 5 at the end of the year and I’ve been outside of it for a few events, so it's amazing to be rewarded for the work. If you give yourself every opportunity, every now and then the planets align and you can come out with the win.”

Sally Fitzgibbons © Dunbar

Sally Fitzgibbons is a 12-year CT veteran who has come in second in the World Title race three consecutive times from 2010 to 2012. Now in 2021, this victory is critical to the Australian's World Title hopes as this season will host the new one-day format to decide the World Champions with the Rip Curl WSL finals. Only the Final 5 surfers on the leaderboard will qualify for the Rip Curl WSL Finals, and now at World  #2, Sally Fitzgibbons is well in the race to take her maiden World Title at Lower Trestles in September. 

Johanne Defay © Dunbar

“I grew up watching the Rip Curl Search events,” continued Fitzgibbons. “So many of them were in lefts, so it’s cool to have one back and it is in a left. I don’t get too many opportunities to use my strength, which is my backhand, and we may never compete back here on Rottnest, so this one really feels like a milestone. It just feels so good, I’m so stoked.”

Johanne Defay and Sally Fitzgibbons © Miers