wiss teammates Celia Petrig and Sina Candrian came out swinging in the ladies’ finals, dropping in first and second respectively and both stomping their runs in impressive fashion on the big Laax course that had posed some difficulties for the ladies’ through the week. With Petrig’s run featuring a huge frontflip nose grab on the first jump, and Candrian putting down the biggest spin of the day in the ladies’ competition with a frontside 1080 on the final hit, the tone for the contest was set.

However, just after the two Swiss riders came Silje Norendal, who upped the ante immediately with her held grabs and spotless landings. Beginning with a stylish switch nosepress, Norendal would spin a switch backside 540, a frontisde 540, a cab 900, and backside 720 through the jumps before finishing things off with a bluntslide for a score of 78.35 and the win.

Somewhat surprisingly, the win was Norendal’s first World Cup triumph, as the four-time X Game gold medalist finally hit the top of World Cup podium in her 21st event and her tenth season of World Cup competition. 

Silje norendal
Silje Norendal ©Processfilms

Before the awards ceremony, the 25-year-old was clearly pleased with the outcome.

“Yeah, it’s crazy. I won here in Laax in the junior competition, back when I was 14, but it’s been a long time since then. There was a lot of pressure today with the two-run finals. When it’s a three-run final you kind of know that you’ll land at least one, but when it’s just two runs - and you know with only six girls in the final that you’re already so close to the podium - it’s easy to get freaked out. But I was able to land my first run and that gave me the confidence to do even better in my second run.”