On the women’s side, there seemed little doubt as to who would take top spot in Sunday’s competition, as Tess Ledeux came into Font Romeu with three wins in four previous starts at her home-soil competition.

Tess Ledeux was in a league of her own throughout the two days of competition in Font Romeu, locking in the top qualification score and then putting down two stomped runs - both of which were more than 10 points better than her closest competitors.

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Her best of the day was her first, where she scored an 86.46 for a run that started with a switch left bio 900 Japan, into a corked left 900 tail, and then a switch right bio 900 safety grab to finish off the jump line, before then stomping a left slide to backside 450 safety out on the cannon rail, into a switch right on to frontside 270 out on the next rail, and finally finishing things off with a switch right two on to switch on the final rail feature.

The win was Tess Ledeux’s third World Cup podium of the season to go along with her big air win in Chur and her big air runner-up in Steamboat, and with her Font Romeu result, she now moves up to third place on the Freeski overall World Cup standings.

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Second place for the women was U.S. skier Marin Hamill, who grabbed her first career World Cup podium with her performance. Skiing stylishly and confidently, Marin Hamill scored 73.56 for her second run of finals, which saw her lead off with a left 540 mute into switch left 540 Japan combo, and later link a right slide backside 270 to left slide frontside 270 off combo through the rails.

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Coming in the third to round out the women’s podium was Lara Wolf, as the 21-year-old also grabbed her first career World Cup podium. However, Lara Wolf’s stylish run, which included a switch left bio 900 safety on the final jump into a right slide backside 270 out on the cannon rail, probably would have had her into second place had she not gotten a little loose on the final rail feature and lost considerable points.

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