Will Laura Smulders Win Her First World Cup Race Of The Season

Laura Smulders

The BMX course of Papendal in the Netherlands held the fourth stop of the BMX Supercross World Cup Tour. The home course for the Dutch ladies is one of the best courses build in the world and we were expecting a Dutch victory.

For the Netherlands, it was reigning World Champion Laura Smulders and stop three winner, Judy Baauw who were at the start of the final. Alise Willoughby from the USA got a second place after Judy Baauw the last stop was ready to defeat the dutchies. Simone Tetsche Christensen and Manon Valentino, the winners of the first and second stop were ready to win their second World Cup.

Already knowing these ladies are in the final, it would be an amazing race to watch.

Check out the video and enjoy!