X Games action popped off bright and early with the Jeep Women's Snowboard Slopestyle.

Earning the first gold medal of the day was none other than Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, who stomped her fourth and final run in women's snowboard slopestyle, making her the winner two years in a row. Sadowski-Synnott is no stranger to pressure and knew what she wanted to do. So at the top of the course, the New Zealand native then took to the course and put down a run that included: 50-50 gap to boardslide rainbow rail, lipslide pretzel, gap to Cab 270 to fakie, Cab underflip Weddle grab, frontside 720 Weddle, backside 900 tailgrab, switch backside 900 Weddle.

"I was wanting to put down a switchback [1080] down in this X Games, but with the conditions with the flat light, I had to pull it back a bit and try to land the cleanest run possible… I only managed to do it on my last run," admitted Sadowski-Synnott. Despite not landing the run she had hoped, Sadowski-Synnott was pumped on snagging first place. "It means absolutely everything to me to defend X Games gold," beamed Sadowski-Synnott. "I grew up idolizing Jamie Anderson and the likes of Anna Gasser, and now feeling like I'm properly in the mix is a dream come true– I can't believe it!"

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