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The tone for the evening from the first run, with four of the six competitors stomping double corks and all six ladies landing their first jumps. Tops amongst them was Gasser, whose first hit backside double cork 1080 earned her a score of 94.00 - the highest scored jump of any on the night.

Gasser would go on to land her signature double underflip on her second hit, essentially putting her in the clear for victory heading into the final jump. When top-qualifier Reira Iwabuchi (JPN) washed out on her last hit the win went to the boundry-pushing Austrian, with a two-jump score of 182.25.

“It’s amazing. I’m so happy that everything worked out. All the girls were riding so good - everybody stomped their first run and I think there were four doubles in the first run - so I’m really happy to win this one.

“Usually I start with my double underflip but tonight I switched it up and went with the back 10 so I would have two tries for the cab double and it worked for me.”

Second place went to Miyabi Onitsuka (JPN) who also stomped a backside double cork 1080 on her first hit, and then followed that up with a cab 900 stalefish for a combined score of 176.00 and her third-straight runner-up result of the season.

“I’m stoked on second place, but more I’m stoked for myself because tonight was the first time I landed my backside double 1080 in competition. I’m so, so happy. And the Air + Style event is such a good event, with so many people and so many good riders.”

Third on the day was Laurie Blouin (CAN), whose cab double underflip and frontside 900 tail grab two-jump combo gave her a score of 156.00 and her first podium of the season. 

“The set-up is so good here, and it’s so nice to see all the girls pushing it like they did tonight. The level of riding tonight was crazy. Everyone killed it.”

Despite some struggles on Saturday night, Iwabuchi held on to the yellow big air World Cup leaders bib after three events.

Source FIS