Yesterday was the day for the Adaptive Action Sport athletes at the Dew Tour. It was Olympic Champion and last years winner Brenna Huckaby who came down first at the Banked Slalom.

“Winning Dew Tour last year kickstarted the most incredible year of my life,” says Huckaby, who was featured on the cover of Parents Magazine in January 2018 and in the February 2018 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in the months after her 2017 Dew Tour win, then went on to win gold medals at the 2018 PyeongChang Paralympics in both Banked Slalom and Snowboardcross.

“It feels amazing to be back here with another win and to feel so strong in my riding, just enjoying the ride, literally,” she says. “This is all so surreal. I grew up in Louisiana and never even thought about trying snowboarding before I lost my leg, so to be having all this success and doing all these interviews and photo shoots… it’s bizarre! I can’t wrap my head around it all, to this day.”

Purdy, Thursday’s silver medalist, is a co-founder of the Adaptive Action Sports group that has co-presented the Adaptive Banked Slalom event at Dew Tour for the last three years in partnership with Toyota. She says events like the Dew Tour that feature adaptive athletes alongside able-bodied athletes are all about breaking down barriers and expanding the platform for adaptive riders to showcase their abilities.

“It’s been a tremendous opportunity for us to introduce more people to adaptive snowboarding here in Breckenridge so that we’re able to show more people what the possibilities are and show off our abilities,” Purdy says. “It’s giving us such a great platform to share our sport and help grow adaptive snowboarding. I’m stoked to finish on the podium: it’s great to come here and represent!”

Sandrine Hamel completed the podium with a bronze medal!