Cassie Sharpe

In the ladies competition Cassie Sharpe came with a spectacular victory for her second World Cup win of the season and most importantly her second consecutive halfpipe World Cup crystal globe.

Once again it was a tight battle for the victory between Cassie Sharpe and her biggest competitor this season Kelly Sildaru (EST). And in fact it was the 17-year-old lady from Estonia, who was leading the field with a score of 87.40 points after her first run.

But Cassie Sharpe stepped her game up in the second run, stomping arguably the best halfpipe run we’ve ever seen by a female skier, including back-to-back 900s as well as both left and right 1080s. And while Cassie Sharpe also maintained a huge amplitude and flawless execution, the judges did not hesitate to put her right in the first place with the final score of 95.60 points.

Cassie Sharpe

“The weather was a little bit tough to deal with, but everyone pushed through that,” said Cassie Sharpe, “Going into my second run, I knew I was not in the top spot whatever what I did so I just went out and dropped my new trick I’ve only done twice before. I’m just super happy.”

Kelly Sildaru

Kelly Sildaru had to settle for the second place on the day with her first run score of 87.40 points, while Zhang Kexin (CHN) rounded out the ladies’ podium in third with 82.20 points. 

Zhang Kexin

In the overall standing it was Cassie Sharpe who reached for her second halfpipe World Cup title with her win on Saturday. The 26-year-old skier captured the crystal globe in the same fashion as in the previous year, coming in hot with a clutch performance at the final stop of the season.

“I like to put myself under pressure,” said Cassie Sharpe, ”It stresses me out, but it’s so fun. I came into this not expecting to get the globe, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up about it. If it happened then yeah, but if it didn’t, I did not want to be upset about it.”

Finishing the season just behind Cassie Sharpe in second was her Canadian teammate Rachael Karker, while Zhang Kexin completed the ladies’ podium in third.