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Half Pipe World Cup season started at Copper Mountain. Where in some parts of the world there is not enough snow yet to build a beautiful Half Pipe, Copper Mountain did its best and delivered.

As everybody expected Chloe Kim showed again that there is nobody in the world who can beat her in the half pipe. Earning a score of 92.25 for a second run that included a frontside 1080 tail grab into a cab 900 indy in the middle, Kim easily claimed the victory in Copper for the third consecutive season.


Maddie Mastro ended the day in runner-up position with a score of 85.00, saving her best run of the day for her final attempt, beginning things off with a huge method and going back-to-back with a Haakonflip 720 into a crippler 540 to finish things off.

Madie Mastro

Third place on the day with a score of 77.75 was China’s Cai Xuetong, as the two-time defending world champion earned her 20th career World Cup podium

Xuetong Cai