Kelly Sildaru Winning Her Second World Cup

Young Estonian squeezes out the Olympic champion 
The “wunderkind” from Estonia celebrated her second World Cup victory: 16-year-old Kelly Sildaru dominated the competition at Stubai. She had shone with an almost perfect run in the qualification, which earned her incredible 97 points.


In the finals, she crashed in the first run, but then stuck her combination of a Right Switch 1080 Mute and a Left Switch 1080 Mute in the second run, which earned her 88.46 points. Sarah Hoefflin (SUI, 86.36 p.) and Mathilde Gremaud (SUI, 83.46 p.), who won gold and silver in slopestyle at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, could not beat her.


kelly sildaru
©Pally Learmond 

“I’m really, really happy about my result. I think my 2 first jumps weren’t the best, but I’m really satisfied with my run so I’m super stoked,“ Kelly Sildaru stated.

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