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Lakey Peterson battles Silvana Lima in Round of 16, Heat 1 at the 2019 Roxy Pro

World No. 2 Lakey Peterson (USA) scored her best two rides with single, backhand maneuvers in the thick lips of La Graviere to eliminate Silvana Lima (BRA) in equal 9th place. The lone surfer with two wins to her name this season, Peterson is a former runner-up in France and she’ll need another big result this season to stay in contention heading into the final two events of 2019.

“It’s so hard and right on the shore so two turns would get an excellent score,” said Peterson. “This type of conditions level the playing field so much, you have to compete really smart, it’s tricky and adds some stress for sure. I’m pretty stoked on how I performed, in the past I think that’s the kind of heat where I could have crumbled but I felt pretty focused. I’m definitely more calm and relaxed that I was in the same situation here last year. I feel like I’ve put all the hard work in and I just want to have fun and rise to the occasion.”