The start of the new MTB Downhill season brought us to Maribor, Slovenia. Last years World Tour winner Rachel Atherton wearing the rainbow jersey, ready to defend an attack from her fellow country rider, Tahnée Seagrave.

Is Australia's Tracey Hannah, last year's number three, ready to beat her British opponents straight at the first World Cup?

Twenty-two-year-old Marine Cabirou set the bar for these three powerhouses by finishing the fastest of all riders with a fast time of 3.29.4. Seagrave was the first to start and where Cabirou was the fastest in the first section it was Seagrave who beat her with four seconds at the finish.


Tahnée Seagrave

It was Rachel Atherton who came within one second of Tahnée Seagrave her time and ending on the podium second. Tracey Hannah took third place.

Rachel Atherton