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The top qualifier from Friday’s semifinals, 21-year-old Tess Coady simply kept the good times rolling through Saturday’s slopestyle finals in Laax, crushing her first run for a top score of 79.80 that would hold up through all challengers in run two.

The last rider to drop in the women’s competition and already secure in her victory, Tess  Coady in no way needed to step it up a notch for her second and final run of the day, but that’s exactly what she did, regardless.

Leading off with a half-cab on to backside 360 out on the first rail, Tess  Coady then stomped a wallride to crippler on the pyramid box, into a frontside 180 butter to switch back 3 out on the butter mound, before hitting the jump line where she started with a switch backside 900 Weddle, and then onto the trick of the day, as she stepped things up to a frontside double Cork 1080 indy before finishing things off with a nice little backside air on the quarter pipe.

Tess Coady ©Ruggli/FIS

“It means so much to me to win the Laax Open,” Tess Coady said after the awards ceremony, “I love this event and I’m always stoked just to be here. Even making finals is the best, but winning here is insane. I’m so stoked!”

Second place for the women went to Anna Gasser (AUT), as the living legend scored a 78.56 for a second run that included a cab double cork 900 Weddle to backside dub 1080 melon combo through the kicker line.

Anna Gasser ©Leammerhirt/FIS

Third place went to rising German star Annika Morgan, who nearly matched Anna Gasser with her cab double cork 900 Weddle to Flatspin backside 1080 melon combo on her second run, scoring a 76.61 to take home her first career slopestyle World Cup podium.

Annika Morgan ©Ruggli/FIS