For Zoi Sadwoski-Synnott that meant a standout first run that began with a back blunt 270 out on the first rail into a front blunt 450 on the second, a jump line that saw her go switch backside 900 switch Stalefish, frontside 1080 melon, and backside 720 melon, before going 50-50 frontside 180 up and then half-cab Indy on the butterbox final feature, earning the reigning Olympic slopestyle gold medallist a score of 81.30 and her first Laax Open title.

“To add the Laax Open win to my collection feels pretty amazing,”  Zoi Sadowski-Synnott said from the finish area, “Honestly I can’t believe it. It feels pretty insane. It was pretty tricky conditions out there today. We got a bit of fresh snow and it meant it wasn’t super fast going into the jumps and you had to land everything perfect and straight.”

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Second place for the women went to Mia Brookes of Great Britain, as the World Cup rookie (who just celebrated her 16th birthday on 19 January), dropped in on the first slopestyle of her career and promptly earned her first career podium.

Oozing style throughout her run, Brookes went back 180 on cab 360 out on the first rail, reversing that with a cab 180 on backside 360 out on the second rail, and then going frontside 720 melon, backside 900 Indy, cab 1080 stale, and finally switch boardslide to forward and front 360 Indy out on the butterbox for a score of 79.91.

Third place with a score of 77.05 belonged to Anna Gasser (AUT), as last year’s second-place Laax Open finisher went backside noseslide pretzel 270 out, switch backside Bluntslide 270 out on the waterfall rail, cab 900 nose, frontside 720 Indy, backside 720 Indy, and finally 50-50 frontside 180 up and then switch backside 180 switch Weddle on the final feature.