Cassie Sharpe Finally Wins That Aspen X-Games Gold

The Freeski ladies were ready to rock this years X-Games Super Pipe contest in Aspen. The group of high level talents is so big in this group of ladies that nobody knew who would win this years contest in Aspen.

Rachael Karker, who won this years Dew Tour modified pip and Kelly Sildaru winning the Copper Mountain World Cup and let us not forget the other big gun from Canada, Cassie Sharpe, who never won gold in Aspen at the X-Games and is determined to win this year. Brita Sigourney winning the X-Games silver and bronze medals twice and Olympic bronze medal in Pyeongchang last year and last but not least, all time X-Games gold medal winner with five gold medals, Maddie Bowman the true legend of Freeski Half Pipe.

The riders got three runs to show who was the best and Karker got the honor to start this strong field of ladies with a solid 82.00 score. Former Bronze winner Annalisa Drew had a bad start in her first run and sadly fell at her first attempt with a right side 500.

It was was for Kelly Sildaru to set her first run and people what a run it was, a couple of nines and tricks in both directions she set the bar for the rest of the contest with a 92.33 points score.

Straight after Kelly it was Cassie Sharpe who was ready to win her first Gold in Aspen. With extreme high amplitude she pushed a great 10 back grab at her last trick giving her a total score of 88.66.

Brita was up for the task to follow these ladies with a third place score of 84.66. Legend Maddie Bowman closed the first run with an ok first run 83.33 which was not yet enough to end up on the podium.

Skipping the second run and moving to the third and last run, it was Kelly Sildaru who was still in the lead with her first score followed by Cassie Sharpe and Rachael Karker. Kelly did not improved her first run with 92.33 points and it was Cassie her last turn to beat that high result.

Starting with back to back 9's coming out of the pipe so high. Flairs and grabs in the middle ending with a Massive 1080 back grab.....94.00 points!

The ladies after Cassie couldn't reach the podium anymore so we had a new gold winner at the Freeski Half Pipe at the X-Games in Aspen in the name of Cassie Sharpe!


Cassie Sharpe ©X-Games
Kelly Sildaru ©X-Games
Rachael Karker ©X-Games