Cassie Sharpe Winning Her First World Cup This Season

Cassie Sharpe

It was Cassie Sharpe who took her first World Cup victory of the season, as she started her first run with a massive 1080 on her last hit for a score of 91.50 points and the leader spot early on in the competition. But as any other lady could beat that 90-point mark on Saturday night, it was Cassie Sharpe who ended up with another important win to her record.

“It’s super rad to have pretty much my whole family here, my friends, and my friends’ friends”, said Cassie Sharpe, “Everyone was here cheering for us so I really needed that victory, to do it here in front of my family and on home turf. I’m happy it all worked out.” 

Rachael Karker

Second place on the day went to another lady of the Canadian Halfpipe Team, as the 21-year-old rider Rachael Karker snagged her second World Cup podium of the season in front of the home crowd in Calgary.

Zhang Kexin

Representing China, Zhang Kexin finished the competition in third for her careers’ fourth World Cup top-3 finish.

In the halfpipe World Cup standing, it’s Rachael Karker who took over the lead following her Saturday’s second place performance at Canada Olympic Park. Rachael Karker sits at top of the ranking with 210 points, with Zhang Kexin dropping into second with 196 points and Cassie Sharpe following just behind in third with 180 points.