The second stop of the 2024 IFSC Para Climbing World Cup series came to a close at the Kletterzentrum Innsbruck, Austria as the medals were decided on a full night of Lead climbing.

Nineteen sports classes were in action with gold on offer in every one. There were some home nation wins, some serial gold medallists, and some new names on the Para Climbing World Cup podiums.

Women’s AU2

France’s Solenne Piret once again produced a gold medal-winning climb in the women’s AU2 ahead of silver medallist Lucia Capovilla of Italy. USA’s Eleanor Rubin completed the podium with Germany’s Carolin Heberle missing out.

Women’s AU3

There was another qualification countback, this time in the women’s AU3 as Rosalie Schuapert of Germany and Manca Smrekar of Slovenia both reached hold 27. It was the German climber who took the gold thanks to her better qualification climb with Smrekar settling for silver on this occasion. There was another German climber on the podium with Ria Grindel reaching hold 17+.

Schuapert said: “I’m really happy. I’m just a bit tired as the isolation was long, but I’m happy.

“I didn’t like the route. It was quite sloppy, but it was challenging which was a good thing.”

So if Schuapert didn’t like the route and won gold, what happens when she does like the route?

“I don’t know. Maybe a top.”

Women’s AL2

Yet another gold was added to the collection of France’s Lucie Jarrige with a commanding win in the women’s AL2. Jarrige hit hold 42+ compared to silver medallist USA’s Morgan Loomis’ climb of 23+. Portugal’s Tânia Chaves was in bronze position with a hold 23 climb beating Japan’s Watanabe Masako and Great Britain’s Joanna Newton to the podium.

Women’s B1

With the podium decided after qualification in women’s B1, the final round was all about what color medals would be going home with Italy’s Nadia Bredice, USA’s Emeline Lakrout, and Switzerland’s Laila Grillo. The result remained the same as the previous round with Bredice taking gold, Lakrout silver, and Grillo bronze.

Women’s B2

Austria’s Linda Le Bon took strength from the home crowd to move up from third in qualification to take gold with a hold 60+ climb in the women’s B2. USA’s Seneida Biendarra just missed out on the top spot and had to settle for silver on hold 60. Germany’s Ivon Lawerenz completed the podium in bronze position and Austria’s Edith Scheinecker missed out.

Women’s B3

Linn Poston claimed gold in the women’s B3 with the USA climber hitting hold 60+. Hold 56 was the silver medal climb from France’s Elsa Boutel Menard with bronze medallist Ionela Dragan from Romania reaching hold 40+.

Women’s RP1

Belgium’s Pavitra Vandenhoven continued her strong climbing in the women’s RP1 to take gold with a hold of 50+ climbs. Spain’s Marta Peche Salinero overtook rival Eva Mol from the Netherlands switching positions from qualification to give the Spanish climber silver and Mol the bronze. Switzerland’s Sarah Longhi was just off the podium in fourth.

Women’s RP2

In the women’s RP2 Italy’s Chiara Cavina came away with the gold as the rest of the field struggled with the route. Austria’s Jasmin Plank joined Cavina on the podium taking silver and Norway’s Dina Eivis took bronze. USA’s Caroline Winstel and Japan’s Matoi Futahashi missed out on a medal.

Women’s RP3

Nat Vorel of the USA stayed top in the women’s RP3 reaching hold 38+ for gold. Great Britain’s Anita Aggarwal had a great final climb moving up from fourth in qualification to the silver medal position on hold 35. Italy’s Elisa Martin took the last spot on the podium on hold 31+ while Netherlands’s Christiane Luttikhuizen missed out on a medal.