The IFSC Paraclimbing World Cup Salt Lake City 2024 came to a close at the Momentum Millcreek gym in the state of Utah with 14 sport classes receiving their medals after a day of finals climbing.

Starting with 129 climbers from 20 nations, the finalists came through qualification the day before finals to stay in with a shot at the first IFSC Paraclimbing World Cup podiums of the year.



Phoebe Barkan took gold ahead of teammate Seneida Biendarra for a home nation one-two in the women’s B3. The four final competitors were all close with just one hold separating first and fourth. Barkan took gold on hold 38+, Biendarra was silver with hold 38 and Germany’s Ivon Lawerenz took bronze also on hold 38. Romania’s Ionela Dragan missed out on the podium on hold 37+.


The only climber to top a qualification route in the women’s AL2 was France’s Lucie Jarrige, and she was also the only climber to top the final route to secure the gold.

Jarrige said: “I’m proud of myself because I topped all the routes during this competition. The competition in general I enjoyed because I love the wall, it’s steep. The route setting was a bit different from what I’m used to – not good, not bad, just different. There were sections with like three moves which got progressive and a bit bouldery, but the long routes gave everyone a chance to show what they could do.”

Australia’s Sarah Larcombe took silver behind Jarrige on hold 38 with Morgan Loomis taking bronze on hold 28+ ahead of teammate Cail Soria on hold 24.

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Solenne Piret took another gold in the women’s AU2 by reaching hold 48 compared to second-placed and silver medal winner Lucia Capovilla of Italy’s hold 43+. Two USA climbers were also in the final and both reached 24, but Eleanor Rubin took bronze ahead of teammate Isabel Benvenuti on countback to the qualification positions.


Jasmin Plank wasn’t sure if she would be in Salt Lake City because of an injury around a month before the competition, but the Austrian climber is glad she was taking gold in the women’s RP2.

Plank said: “I liked the climbing on this route, it was really fun for me. The last move where I fell I knocked out my finger. That move was the hardest part for me, it was a long move and you had to put the feet the right way and it wasn’t easy for me. But I’m really happy.”

The gold medallist reached hold 50+ with the other three climbers in the final all reaching hold 33 and deciding the medals on countback. Norway’s Dina Eivik took the silver with USA’s Emily Seelenfreund taking bronze. Teammate Melissa Ruiz was the one to miss out on the fourth spot with time coming into play and a slower climb than Seelenfreund.

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The first sports class to finish, Nat Vorel got the ball rolling for the home crowd by securing the first gold for the USA in the women’s RP3. Vorel went into the final in joint first with Brazil’s Marina Dias but outclimbed her opponent holding 45+ to 42, which meant Dias had the silver medal. Slovenia’s Manca Smrekar took the bronze medal and unfortunately, USA’s Laura Heaton didn’t contest the final.

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The next IFSC Paraclimbing World Cup will take place in Innsbruck, Austria, on 24 and 25 June before the third and final event of 2024 in Arco, Italy, on 27 and 28 September.

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